Cantonese Online Classes Kids
Cantonese Festivals Kids Online

Chinese Festivals - activities & food

New Years, Tomb Sweeping, Dragon Boat, Mid-Autumn & Double Ninth Festival

Virtual Cantonese Class Children

Four Seasons

clothing, temperature, weather, seasonal activities

fun cantonese play based classes

Self & Family

self introduction, favourite things, family members names

Original Cantonese Children Songs

Lessons include original Cantonese children songs written by Dorothy (Locy Lee Learning) and Eveline.

Kids write Chinese traditional Charaa

Each lesson introduces 4 or more main vocabulary with one traditional Chinese character for writing. Two writing levels available (3-5 years old, and 5-7 years old).

fun play based Cantonese online lessons for kids

Play based teaching approach uses songs, stories, art, games and fun activities to engage children with Cantonese language learning online.

Cantonese Kids Online Videos

24 Cantonese video lessons with native speakers

- 12 videos covering vocabulary, songs, stories, activities, writing

- 12 art videos covering drawing, art technique and different mediums

- each video is 20 to 30 minutes long

unlimited access Cantonese videos

unlimited life-time access to lessons and resources

- English and Jyutping (Cantonese romanization for pronunciation) translations provided for vocabulary covered in lessons

- private Facebook support group

paid online Cantonese class with native speakers

$168 CAD

pay once and get life-time access to videos and resources