Cantonese Online Classes Kids

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am interested in your program. Do you have any sample lessons for me to preview?

Our teachers have many videos on their public YouTube page. You can find sample activities, read alouds and songs on Rhythm 'N' Rhyme YouTube. There are fun art lessons on Children's Cues YouTube. There are also many songs on Locy Lee Learning YouTube.

Activity: Colour Mixing

Read Aloud: 熊貓圓圓大冒險 Round Panda Advenures

Song: 十二生肖嘉年華 Lunar New Year Zodiac Animal Song

Art: Cherry Drawing

2. My family is focusing on verbal communication in Cantonese. Is the writing component mandatory?

We understand that each family has different language goals. You are welcome to choose which part of the course you want to complete. The writing components are at the end of each lessons. You may choose to stop the lesson when the writing component comes up. We do encourage families to try the writing component. We will keep it light. There are two different level worksheets. Both level sheets are designed in a way that gives the child an opportunity to succeed in writing. Our writing sheets include English translation and jyutping.

3. How long do I have access to the program? Is there a deadline to complete the course?

You will have unlimited life-time access to the program. There is no deadline to complete the course. After you are enrolled into the course, you can come back to view the course and lessons at any time!

4. What age group is this program for? Do you cater to older children?

Our program has been designed for children ages 3 to 7 years old. We still welcome children outside of this age range. There are many fun components that other age children will find enjoyable.

We do not have a program specifically for older children yet. We hope to create one in the future.

5. I have more than one child. Do I need to enroll my child separately?

Registration is per family, not per child. Siblings will use the same account to participate. When registering, you can enter the names of all siblings in the child's name section.

6. My family is a beginner. Will this program be appropriate for us?

We welcome families of all fluency and levels. The lessons will be full immersion, all in Cantonese. The beauty of an on demand program is that you can go at the pace that suits your family. You can pause or stop as you wish. You can replay your favourite parts or parts that you missed. We will do our best to keep the lessons as visual as possible to help our beginner learners follow along. We will provide additional resources that includes jyutping to assist families.

7. Will there be any live components?

We would love to schedule live events from time to time to connect with families. We will do our best to schedule a time that suits various time zones.