virtual online Cantonese program

Making Cantonese Learning Fun!

Over 100 bilingual families across the globe have chosen Little Explorers Cantonese to support their child's language journey. Learn Cantonese anywhere, anytime.

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enrichment class by native Cantonese speaker

enrichment lessons hosted by native Cantonese speakers

play based online Cantonese class

play based online lessons for children ages 3 to 7 to expand vocabulary using fun and engaging teaching approach

explore and express creativity through art and Cantonese

original Cantonese kid music

original Cantonese songs designed with children and Cantonese tones in mind

online Cantonese lessons and classes

pay once and receive life time access to virtual lessons available anywhere, anytime

traditional Chinese characters

introduction to traditional Chinese characters with Jyutping and English translations

Why Families Love Little Explorers Cantonese